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L S R Furniture Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr.Sammie mo
Dong Guan L S R Furniture Co., Ltdfounded in 2003, is a professional office furniture and accessories designer. We manufacture and sale integrated manufacturers. Our company has been dedicated to the professional development of medium-term since the beginning. We have accumulated valuable experience bit by bit into a brilliant career now. We always focus on the development of the furniture industry, to meet the needs of different customers. Keeping our enterprise philosophy in mind that 'service of survival, quality and development, creating a win-win value,' and 'people-centered, bold and innovative'.
Our products have been developed to cover office furniture, civil furniture; furniture accessories brand diversification, access to a number of design patents, green quality certification. In order to advance with fashion, we import from Germany, Japan, Italy the most advanced furniture production equipment, first-class management, design, manufacture, installation of specialized talents. To provide customers with good material, unique design, fine workmanship, green furniture, the company also launched the transportation, installation, maintenance, service and other services. I will continue comprehensive, multi-level comprehensive pre-sale, sale, service projects, a rapid market response, personalized art and design, multi-cultural space matching, leading the trend of the times! In order to serve customers better, our company established a marketing network in the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hefei, Changsha, Wuhan and other major cities in China , setting up a wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices.
Address: The 2nd industrial area of Zhang Wu Qiao Li ,Chang Ping town,Dong Guan city,China.
Dong Guan L S R Furniture Co., Ltd. TEL:0086-769-82983386 FAX:0086-769-82983396 [Admin]
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